Friday, August 26, 2011

Parker is almost four months

So I guess now is as good of a time as any to share his three month pictures...

My little peanut,
I love you so much. It's amazing how my love for you continues to grow. You bring so much joy to your daddy and I's life. I love how much you smile. I love when you recognize my voice and instantly give me your gummy smile. I love it when we "talk" back and forth. You've got a lot to say and you love hearing the new noises you can make. You love sitting on your bumbo, but your daddy says it looks like you're on a roller coaster because your head wobbles a little. One thing that you do not love is tummy time. You get mad at me each time that I make you lay on your tummy, but I only want to make sure you grow to be big and strong. You still love to be swaddled up like a little burrito. Each morning though, I find you with your arms busted out. You love kicking your legs. You kick your legs with so much force, but you don't move anywhere. You still love your play mat, and you're getting much more coordinated at hitting the little animals. 
You've been drooling more lately, and you're obsessed with putting your hands in your mouth. Really you like to put anything in your mouth ... your hands, blankets, sofi book, and paci. Oh ... you LOVE your paci. Sometimes you'll suck on it so hard that it leaves a print around your mouth. Your paci is a lifesaver for your daddy and I. We don't know what we would do without it. I can tell that your eyes are changing and focusing more clearly. When I read to you, I can tell that you're really looking at the pictures. We need together almost everyday. You also listen to your Coldplay lullabies everyday. 
I cherish my days off with you. We're lazy and spend lots of time smiling at each other :) 
When you're at home, you're so much better at your naps. This makes me very happy, bc  I love to be lazy and nap when you do. You're still learning how to nap at school, but you're getting the hang of it. All of your teachers adore you. They say that you have a fan club at school. You also love your changing pad. I don't get it, but I'm glad that you like it. Everything you're on your changing pad, you smile, coo, and kick your legs. Sometimes it's hard for me to get your diaper on because you kick so much.
One thing that you and I haven't loved from this month is how sick you've been. You've had a really bad cough and congestion all month. You've been to the dr. several times now and we're still trying to figure out how to make you better. You've be given an antibiotic, and now we're giving you a round of steroids and breathing treatments. I hate filling your body with so much medicine, but more than anything I want you to get better. You've been waking yourself up a lot at night from your coughing fits. It breaks my heart. I want so badly for you to be healthy.
You're such a sweetie. Even though you're sick, you still laugh and smile all of the time. A lot of times you'll even get distracted from taking your bottle because you're smiling so much. Every night your daddy and I pray for you before you go to bed. Every night I pray that God would take away your cough, but more importantly, I pray that the Holy Spirit would fill your room and comfort you, that you would grow to know the Lord at a young age, and that you would never know a day when you didn't love Jesus. Yes, that's my one hope for you Parker - that you would grow up to never know a day that you didn't love Jesus ...
because He loves you so much.
And so does your daddy and I.

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