Friday, July 29, 2011

wide eyed little boy and other random things

For some reason I like this picture. 
Parker has always been such a wide-eyed little man ... taking in everything around him.

I've been single parenting it for the past couple days ... and it's not an easy task ... to say the least.
I always have respected single mothers ... but now I have a whole new respect.
I feel like I should serve and babysit for a single mother sometime ... because seriously when you're doing the parenting thing alone you have no time to yourself.

Parker has been great. He's such a fun little man. Smiling all the time ... especially in the mornings. I'm not a morning person, but mornings have become my favorite time with him.

He's also sleeping like a champ! He's been sleeping 10-11 hrs every night almost the past month. I am so so thankful. It's a strange new feeling to know that when I put him down at night, he's going to sleep until after the sun comes up :)

In other news ... work has been crazy busy for me lately. 
Since returning from leave, I've jumped right in and have begun working with several families. 
I feel refreshed lately. I do miss Parker each day I'm at work, but when I'm driving home, I often think about how much I love my job. I've been daydreaming lately of what it would be like to work in or start a private practice someday.

I know I haven't talked about home stuff much on here lately ... I've been a little consumed with feeding schedules, changing diapers, tummy time, naps, reading children's books, listening to Coldplay lullabies, and getting sleep at night.
But ... my mind has been full of thoughts about things I want to do to our house.
I blame it on Pinterest. I'm obsessed ... and the iPhone app makes my obsession even worse. 
I'm dying to build a deck. We have a major mud problem in our backyard - it's a combination of two crazy golden's, way too much shade, and poor care on our part. 
I deck would help tremendously. 

Other things I'd like to do:
make a collage wall in our hall
paint our living room and hall 
put in new countertops, backsplash, sink, faucet, lighting ... pretty much everything but floors and cabinets
tear out the nasty/weird shelves in our den and move our tv against the wall so we'll have space for another chair
Buy storage units at IKEA and put them in place of the useless armoire in our living room

I told you ... so many ideas floating around.

The deck will definitely be number one ... I think we're going to build it around October when it cools down a little. 

Inspiration for the deck

Next might be purchasing the storage units from IKEA. Eric wouldn't really consider this a "project" so I could probably convince him to do it. Eric despises projects. He'll probably get mad just reading my writing about projects :)
I pretty much want to copy this picture...

Ok, so I said that the deck would be number one ... but I lied. 
I think the collage wall will be because I already have a lot of the frames and pictures ready. I've been saving up for awhile now. I'm really excited to finally hang some of the pictures. I think it will help personalize our home. 

Anyways, sorry for the totally random post. 
Happy Friday night and enjoy your weekend!
I will definitely enjoy my time off with Parker and am really excited for Eric to come home :)


Shannon said...

all of these projects sound fabulous! if i lived closer i would come over and help! i love it all.

Pamela said...

so sad i missed out on seeing you and parker last week!! we need to get together soon. also--i am planning to make a collage wall too but i find it a bit intimidating. keep us updated with how yours goes!