Monday, July 11, 2011

2 months old

You're 2 months old and you ...

are getting a big belly and chubby thighs
love to play on your mat - you've even grabbed the little ring twice
love to listen to coldplays lullaby music
love to look at your mobile and listen to your glow worm
started daycare and have a fan club
are getting a little better at taking naps - still keep me guessing though
(my favorite) - you smile and laugh at me a lot 
smile a lot when you wake up
were visited by both of your grandma's and aunt's 
are sleeping through the night (ok ... maybe this one is my favorite)
are drinking your milk a lot faster
are on the go a lot - you've been lots of places (and you're always so good)
still need your reflux medicine - which still makes you constipated - so we still give you prune juice
love your pacifier 
love when I read to you - your eyes gets real big when you look at the pictures
love to sit in your boppy pillow and look out the window
only like tummy time for a couple minutes and then you fuss
are still so hard to burp
love to be swaddled, but you always break out - so now we double swaddle you 
(oh the things we do to get you to sleep)

I love you more and more each day ... and I love it when you smile back at me ... it let's me know that you love me too.

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kathy said...

He's so sweet, and I love the pics of him and the dog. I'm so glad he's doing well for you and sleeping through the night! Sounds like you started back at work. Good luck!