Friday, April 8, 2011

in the oven for 35 weeks and counting

Baby Parker has been in the oven for 35 weeks now. 
We're getting so close - I can feel it. 
As I write this, I am reminded of how pregnant I am by the pain in the right side of my back.

A couple random things ...

We go back to the dr. on Wednesday & my amazing and talented friend Jenna is doing a maternity session for us on Monday. I'm really excited about both of the those things.

I still have a feeling that he will come early. 
But I don't want to get my hopes up.
My guess is May 1st - E's guess is May 9th

The nursery is almost finished.
 Only 2 things left on the to-do list. 

1. Frame and mat airplane photos. 
I think I'm going to use graph paper as the matting. 
I haven't told E that yet. It will be interested to see his reaction.
My amazing friend Jen used graph paper on Parker's baby shower invites and I love them.

2. Paint the existing chandelier red.

oh wait there is actually three things -

3. Organize closets.

Three is not bad though when we started with a list a mile long.

I'm starting to get stretch marks ( on my butt and thighs). It sucks. I swear that out of all the places on my that have grown, my butt and thighs have grown the least. Weird huh?
Everything I read said that creams and oils did nothing, and that it was all up to your genes. HOWEVER, since the beginning I have been breaking open vitamin E capsules a couple times a week and putting the oil on my belly and boobs and I have NO MARKS. I never thought to put the oil on my butt or thighs & that's where I have the stretch marks.
Coincidence or not?
Now that I have them,
I am obsessively using sugar scrub, vitamin E, and cocoa butter in hopes of preventing more and lightening the ones that I have.

Tonight I went shopping for a lingerie shower for one of the girls in my bible study.
As I walked around the mall, I missed being able to wear normal clothes.
But surprisingly, I was overwhelmed by gratefulness for this baby growing inside of me.
I am excited for the day when I can buy a normal outfit, but I am REALLY excited for the day when I get to meet this little boy inside of me.
Plus, I think wearing maternity clothes for months will make shopping in normal stores all the more fun.

I bought Parker an outfit to wear home from the hospital.

Sorry the quality is absolutely terrible. I got an urge to blog - so I took this picture on my iphone with no natural light.

Here's a close up of the print.

It's from the dwell studio line at Target.
I want to buy all the clothes that dwell studio makes for little boys.

I have a question for moms out there -
what do you pack in your bag for the hospital?

Well, I think that's about all my random thoughts for now ...


em said...

1. i like your shirt ;)
2. you look beautiful.
3. i got those stretch marks too. unbelievable. but they do get better.
4. pack little bootie slippers. and a cute light robe :)
love you!

Julie said...

Rach, you look presh. I can't answer your last question, but I just couldn't help commenting because you are so cute!!

Anonymous said...

Warm Socks & Pajama Dress w/ Matching Robe is such a must! :)
You still look so freakin posh and glowy.

And as far as stretch marks...I tried everything and stayed in a good weight range. Ready for this...I got them on my boobs, belly, butt, thighs, behind my knees & arm pits. Genetics. I had always been \between 110-118 pounds. Grew up in Key West, Fl. & modeled for artist and bathing suits. Talk about a shocker! I soooo envy you :)You look gorgeous.

the Poston's said...

haha the "em" comment was from me. Not emily :) Sorry about that!

Anonymous said...

Not sure if you know this or not, but you'll still look pregnant after the baby is born, so bring maternity clothes to wear home. Takes awhile for that belly to shrink.

Anne said...

Rach - I agree with everyone - you look awesome! So excited for your shower this weekend!

Whitney H said...

This is a great checklist :) I hope it helps! I will be 32 weeks tomorrow...I've been adding things to my bag along and along. I'm taking all of these things...better to be "over prepared" :)