Wednesday, August 4, 2010

don't waste your cancer

This is my friend Libby's blog

Libby and I were in a bible study together for a couple of years, and her husband and I went to high school together. 
Libby is an amazing woman of Christ. She is a mother. She is a fabulous wife and friend. 

A couple of years ago, Libby and her husband moved to Virginia. Her husband Justin is on Young Life staff there. 

Libby started this blog about a week ago.
About a week ago she was diagnosed with Lymphoma. 

I am sharing this so that you can pray for them. 

I am also sharing because I truly believe that their honest faith will be an encouragement to you.

Each day I log on and read there new post, and each day tears come to my eyes ( and I am really not a big time cryier either). 

They're amazing. 
Please pray.

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