Tuesday, November 29, 2011

tomorrow - or weeks later

Hey friends! 
I know I said I would post Parker's 6 month pictures "the next day" - and now it's weeks later.
It seems like life has really been crazy - like my to-do list in my head is never ending.

But I know that pretty much everyone feels that way, and I don't want that to get in the way of capturing growth and changes in our family.
I know that these days are going to go by so fast ... and someday they will be hard to remember. I feel like Parker is already becoming a little boy before my very eyes ... and I want to be able to use this blog to look back and remember...

So ... without anymore delay ... here are Parker's 6 month photos.

ps - all pictures were taken by the amazingly talented Jenna - 
Jenna Nicole Photography

I am madly in love with this little man ... 
and I'm pretty crazy about his dad too :)
A few other things going on around here ...

Girl Christmas is less than 2 weeks away and I haven't even started my gifts

We're having house troubles and our furnace keeps shutting off - which gets very cold

Eric and I are planning a get - a -way for our 5 year anniversary! I'm so excited ... I think we're leaning towards going to San Diego

Getting back to work today was rough - I missed little P so much
Jen, Cory, and I have some BIG plans up our sleeves ... I'll share more details soon :)


jenna said...

i want in on the big plans! :)

melanie said...

ADORABLE. love your blog.

Miss Karen said...

Parker is so beautiful. His expressions are great.
Isn't being a mom the best.