Thursday, February 17, 2011

tulips, painted walls, socks the fox, and my favorite pillow

ello Bloggers!
It's almost Friday - can you feel it?
 I am so ready for the weekend. Even more ready then I usually am. 
This week has been crazy busy at work. I worked 11 hrs today and still feel like I am behind - 11 hrs is way too much for a preggo lady :)

Since coming home from work - I've been lounging in bed ... enjoying the quietness of the house. 
E's out for the night, so I've done nothing but eat pizza in bed (don't judge me), read blogs, and "watch" baby Parker move around in my belly.

 I absolutely love feeling and watching him move around in here. What a miracle it is to carry a baby.

Since I'm spending the night in bed, I've also been enjoying the tulips E got my for Valentine's Day. I have to keep them on my bedside table because the cats literally eat them. E gave them to me on Vday, we went out to dinner that night, and when we came home 2 were gone!

I just have to say that I have the best husband in the world. 

E is so good at celebrating holidays and making me feel special. He's so observant and great at giving gifts. He not only gave me flowers, but also - chocolate - ingredients to make chocolate covered strawberries - a homemade card

 - made reservations to p.f. changs 

and bought something for Parker.
 Ok, it's definitely more of a gift for me - but I'm sure Parker will love it too.

Meet Socks the Fox
{Jen, I know you're judging me}

I can't wait to see Parker cuddle him and carry him around the house. 
Thank you E - for being so amazing.
Baby Parker is really going to love his dad.

I also received another fabulous package in the mail.
This one I picked out, and Anna from For the Love of Joy created it!
{Anna also creates amazing camera straps, mug rugs, embroidery hoops, boppy covers, and coffee sleeves. I desperately want one of her boppy covers!}

I am in love, and the scripture means so much to me after all we went through before I became pregnant with Parker.

Someday soon I hope to write a long blog post on how prayer led us to this baby growing in my belly. 
Someday soon.

Since work has been so busy and I've been a little under the weather, E and I really haven't made a lot of progress on the nursery.

But we're getting there.
Not a lot new, but I figured I'd share a few updates anyways.
We're SLOWLY in the process of doing the board and batten details on the walls. 

Hopefully the walls will soon look like this:

That's about all I have to share for tonight.
 I'll keep you updated on the progress we {slowly} make.


Cory said...

Sounds like a great night to me!
I stinkin' love that pillow! I've seen her shop before, but never thought of having a custom one made! L O V E that scripture as well.
Also, about the fox. Super cute - BUT - is that one of those ridiculously expensive things? I judge you too.
But, really I love it & wish James had one too.

Jade Cook said...

i love that pillow. amazingly cute! and i LOVE the board and batten. we are going to do that in our dining room this summer, just not as tall as the picture. very cool!!

Jen said...

I was secretly going to buy you Sox the Fox...dang it Eric! but I'm sure it is better coming from him, he is a dad and all. I just didn't want you to see if come off your registry so soon and then have to hide it from you until your shower. I love all the things going on at your house. pretty flowers & awesome pillow! so sweet! what a great day!

Eric said...

Sorry to spoil your fun Jen! I have tons of other ideas (that are a little more affordable too!) You guys are all great friends tho for sure.

Eric said...

Sorry to spoil your fun Jen! I have tons of other ideas (that are a little more affordable too!) You guys are all great friends tho for sure.